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Hello gorgeous seekers!  My name is Pixie Peiskos.  I am what you call a Mage of many.  My passions lie in spirituality, holistic well being, traveling, and the arts.  I have been a performing artist for the last 9 years, and as fulfilling as it has been there was a piece missing, being of service in this world!


My quest began when I started studying holistic health.  For the last 7 years I have been studying nutrition, fitness, plant medicines, natural remedies for healing.  I am particularly fascinated with the relationship between what we eat and the quality of life we have because of it.  I earned my Holistic Health Practitioner Certification in 2019 with my specialty being nutrition.

In 2012 when the “Great Awakening” happened I began to delve deep into spiritual knowledge.  I was hooked!  My studies of spirituality quickly evolved into learning about witchcraft, a sacred practice that had been secretly calling me since birth.  I have been practicing eclectic pagan witchcraft since 2015 and am passionate about sharing that knowledge.  In 2020 I went even deeper within my spiritual practices and studied shamanism and mediumship.  I am now a certified Shamanic Practitioner and Guided Energy Medicine heaer.

Personal development was something I began implimenting for myself in 2013.  It took me many years of struggle, healing old wounds and hard work to make me into the goddess I wanted to be.  That struggle turned into a passion for me to assist others with healing and guide women to show up authentically and embody their inner goddess.

Living a happy, healthy, magickal life is what gets me out of bed everyday with a smile.  It is my mission to share that magick with anyone who is willing to heed the calling!

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% of time I am ME!

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