Lets Create Some Magick Baby!

Magick is the medium I embody and work with for transformation.  Wether you want to heal through quantum shifts, begin your witchcraft practice or become the goddess of your dreams, magick is the sacred tool.  It is my divine mission to facilitate healing and assist the divine feminine rising by guiding women to embody their magick and become a divine creatrix.  

Magickal Goddess Embodiment

In this 6 month enchanting vortex you learn how to work with magick to embody the Goddess that you are.  Quit playing small and hiding yourself.  Start embracing your brilliant uniqueness and share your light with the world.  You become one with magick!

Craft Your Magick

In this 6 week initiating immersion you  learn all about witchcraft, what magick is and how to work with it safely!  You learn the foundations of magick theory and all the tools you need.  Begin crafting your spells and make magick happen in your life!

Shamanic Healing & Activations

Clear out old energies and blockages that no longer serve you.  Reset, rebalance and restore your energy on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Regain vitality, connection, grounding, and replenish your soul.  Receive upgrades, light codes, and activations to assist you with your 5D ascension process. 

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