Are You Ready To Claim Your Power?

Magick is the fabric of the universe.  The very web that weaves and connects all forms of life.  It is already within you!  When you say “yes” you begin to activate that power.  Learn how to access and wield your divine magick!


I Have Some Questions….

How do I know that this is safe?  I have seen so many stories of witches and magick on TV and in books and it seems dangerous.  What if there is something dark on the other side waiting for me?  Ouiji boards, ghosts, and other paranormal activity sounds terrifying!  How do I know that I will be protected?  Will I loose my self once I get a taste of power and go overboard?  I dont want to turn into a power hungry monster!

I Hear Your Concerns Loud and Clear

Since I was a child I have had various instances of paranormal activity in my life.  Most of those had nothing to do with magick, they just happened.  “Like a moth drawn to a flame” dark spirits can be drawn to us light beings.  Fear not, because I will guide you in protecting yourself against these energies, wether it be in your every day life, or in your craft.  In my experiences those beings were merely confused and needed love.  If you keep your integrity with the light you have nothing to fear.  I will guide you to the light magick and teach you what to steer clear of so you dont go summoning any demons.  You won’t loose yourself in power because I will show you to hold a deep reverence for this craft.  We may all have the power within us, but every act of magick is a true gift.  That being said, check your ego at the door.

What is it like on the other side?

Pure magick in every moment!  The possibilities of your transformation are endless with this gift.  In claiming your magickal powers you claim control over your life.  You see how limitless you truly are and create the reality of your dreams.  You will begin to see life in a whole new way, witnessing the magick in everything and every moment. You will be communing with the universe and co-creating with it to live your best life.  You will be able to make major shifts happen in your life with rapid speed, grace, and ease.  Expect miracles and quantum shifts to be a new part of your reality!

Craft Your Magick

In this 6 week immersion you will gain all of the knowledge you need to start your own craft.  You will learn the theory and laws that magick is ruled by so that you truly grasp the science behind the art.  A strong foundation is built off of understanding.  

You will learn about the different kinds of witches, magick, and religions tied to magick, so you can understand the history of where it comes from and the culture around it.  Magick has many different modalities, forms, and applications, the more versed you are with them the easier it is for you to find your specific niche.

You will learn how to protect yourself in your daily life and during your spell work.  It is very important to protect yourself, and stay in alignment with the light.  You will also learn all of the different tools you can use, and what you will want on your altar space.  Then you will understand the elements of a spell and can begin creating your own spells for whatever you desire!   


How Does Craft Your Magick Work?

Magickal Foundations

Learn the foundations of witchcraft so you can understand how magick can be wielded.

  • Universal Laws
  • Belief Work
  • Types of Witchcraft
  • Modalities of Magick


Safety first!  Protecting yourself is extremely important.  This work is powerful, not a force to be taken lightly.  Learn to protect yourself during spells and at all times.

  • Clearing Your Energy
  • Cleansing Your Space
  • Protecting Your Space
  • Protecting Yourself During Spellwork.


Learn about all of the different tools you can work with!  You will learn what tools you should always have on your altar as well as all the other possibilities.  You will learn about correspondences and the importance of symbolism in this craft.  

  • Setting Up Your Altar Space
  • Witchcraft Essentials
  • Herbal & Crystal Correspondences
  • Elements of a Spell
  • Create Your Own Spells

Let the Initiation Begin!

You will gain all of the knowledge and understanding not only to perform spells, but to create your own!  In 6 weeks you will be transformed into the witch you wish to be!  There will be a special BONUS initiation ceremony at the completion of this course.

  • BONUS:    Initiation Ceremony Upon Completion
  • BONUS:    1 Divine Invocation for guidance and protection
  • BONUS:    3 of my favorite spells!
  • BONUS:    Lifetime Membership To The Facebook Vortex!

Who is it for, who is it not for

Craft Your Magick is for you if…

  • You are ready to harness the power of magick
  • You have an eagerness to build your craft
  • You want to practice light magick to help yourself or humanity
  • You are ready to do the work


Craft Your Magick is not for you if… 

  • You want to practice dark arts or do any harm to others
  • You are unwilling or unable to do the work
  • Your not really sure if its your thing
  • You think this is a bunch of “woo-woo


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